We Are Steel Building Experts 

We have sold/designed/installed thousands of Pre: Fabricated, Pre: Engineered Steel Buildings across Canada over the past 16 years. The big difference now, is we are not married to a single supplier. Brand Loyal Dealerships sell you what they have to offer and from where they are located, which in some cases may not be the best bang for your buck. That is an important issue in today’s economy, especially when the idea is to find the best deal possible over the internet.  So what do we do different.....  We represent several building companies as builders, and sell Steel Buildings from Factory’s that manufacture various types of Steel Buildings. We choose the best building for your needs, negotiate the best price possible, and pass the savings on to you.

We Have Steel Building Solutions 

 We could never understand shipping insulation from Province to Province. We avoid over priced supply companies and provide the very best quality product, at the very best price, factory direct and shipped from your area.

50% of an excellent building is the doors. We are Brand Loyal in this area and are proud to say we buy High Quality, Canadian Made Commercial and Residential Overhead Doors. We provide Custom Doors, Aluminum Doors, High Speed Doors, Car Wash Doors, Roll Up Doors, Fire Doors, any application.  

We Are Steel Building Solutions 

We Supply Buildings and we Erect Buildings, Permanent or Temporary, virtually anywhere.
The Complete Package....We are connected to several Engineering firms across the country for Structure and Foundation Design. We will design and install a Foundation for you, or purchase one of our Pre:Engineered, Pre: Fabricated Floating Floor Foundation Kits if you prefer to Do-it-Yourself.

Either way, we have the expertise to serve you.

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