Heated Garage - Orillia

Prepare the gravel bed, compact and level. Install the 1 1/2" or 2"  SM under the slab area keeping in mind you need an additional 2' of SM frost protection around the entire perimeter of the building.  USE Shiplap SM.

Be sure the first row of in-floor tubing is inside the base plate anchor bolt line of your building. Or install the first row of tubing tight to the form channels and the 2nd row about 12" inside the edge. Take a picture of the installation if you want an off-site inspection certificate.

This Garage has a Car Hoist mounted Top of Slab. Note the 2 additional rows of rebar at the Hoist feet location the full length of the slab, and there are 2 rows of rebar in the width as well.  

It wont move, it wont crack, please advise your agent of the size and capacity of the hoist when you order.