A Magestik Floating Floor Foundation kits ... Leaders in Do-it-yourself foundation technology.

An Environmentally Sensitive, single pour, frost protected Foundation and Floor combination that floats on grade, on a compact gravel base, with minimum excavation. Easily adjustable to level and square. Ships virtually anywhere and assembled by end user, ready to pour, in a matter of hours.

MK-5 Foundation kit.  5" slab
Designed for evenly distributed loads, ideally Steel Arch and lumber frame buildings

MK-6 Foundation kit.   6" slab
Designed for point load C-Channel Frame, garages and shops.

Radiant Heat Systems, In-Floor.
Prefabricated in-floor radiant heat kits, factory assembled Boiler boards and Plex tubing pre:designed and ready to install. Heat loss calculations and Plex tube installation drawings included.

  • Engineer drawings available on-line.
  • In-stock forms shipped immediately
  • Off-site inspection certificates