City Garage - Hamilton

The MK-5 Floating Foundation installed between a 70 year old building foundation wall and an existing fence.  Remove the existing pavement and add fresh gravel or just compact existing grade to a new level. The MK-5 form can be installed inside 12" from the existing foundation wall how-ever leave a little room to install the new building. On the other side we are 18" from the fence posts, in case the fence on the property line ever needs to be replaced. Check local codes distance from property lines can be 1 to 1.5 meters. Entrance to the back door of the home is via the finished Garage. The entrance of the Garage is level to the back lane and the garage door has a belt driven remote opener with APPS for your i-phone.

Take note the Architect/Engineer that designed the initial foundation were considering a 5' excavation so the new structure could sit on a 4' frost wall.  Heavy Excavation is not required for the MK-5 Foundation, simply remove the organics and compact level.